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King Elizabeth is a powerful rock vocalist, and classically trained pianist with gothic undertones. Her music evokes a dark aesthetic in various genres, reaching out to broader audiences.  So grab your headphones, and experience the chaotic mind of King Elizabeth.

Her music is currently available as “Elizabeth Deitz” on all your favorite streaming platforms, and will be transitioning to her new artist name soon.

Elizabeth's production team includes:

Roland “the Relentless” Alvarez:
Producer, Label owner, Guitarist and Engineer, he started at A&M Studios in 1989. Roland has engineered on Gold and Platinum records, as well as Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy nominated productions. Artists include Neil Young, Marcus Miller, Stephen Stills, Moby, and Better Than Ezra; as well as TV shows including The Hulk, Power Rangers, and Dragon BallZ.

Michael Douglass:
Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Michael also worked at A&M Studios through the 90’s. He co-produced double platinum “Sparkle and Fade” for Everclear, as well as engineered for notorious rock bands; such as Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, and KISS.

Even as a child, Elizabeth was always determined to bring her music to light. We are excited to be able to share her with you!

Born in Columbus, Ohio, she began piano and violin lessons at age 7. Then after moving to Florida, she began playing guitar and practicing vocals. By age 14, she had already written a “horror rock” EP. In high school, Elizabeth joined drumline, where she became a superior-ranked mallet percussion captain. This is when her peers first took notice of her singing talents and encouraged her to sing publicly. Soon after, she was posting song covers online, and starting to collaborate with local musicians.

Elizabeth’s education included a college associates degree at 16 even before her high school diploma, and then received a BA in education by her 18th birthday.

Influenced by her mother (a published catalogue model in NYC), Elizabeth was captivated by her images. She soon began her career as an agency signed model. Elizabeth specialized in runway, editorials, & brand ambassador campaigns nationwide while based out of Miami. 

Elizabeth's musical talents were often overlooked by the local rock community. Yet as fate lied, she met producer Roland “The Relentless” Alvarez in 2018, and began her music journey.

“Small” (which included “On My Own” as a B-side), was Elizabeth's debut single released on her birthday, July 31st, 2021. It was produced from a compelling piano/vocal demo that she had posted online. Roland played guitars, bass, and percussion. Then added a live drummer, and viola da gamba to round out the song. Elizabeth was fortunate to record on a Yamaha C-7 grand piano, and her vocals were recorded using a vintage Neumann U67. The ethic was to keep it as analog and visceral as possible, in order to convey the heartfelt story. We then brought Michael Douglass in to finalize the vision with an epic mix.

"The Screamer Inside" was her second release, and was awoken on Halloween 2021. This was a song written by Roland Alvarez, and Rob Fires in 1995. She was intrigued by this song, and luckily the 2” tapes were still available. We restored them, and proceeded to turn it into a duet with Rob; finalizing with Elizabeth’s creepy new vocals, and synth parts. 

Now changing her artist’s name to King Elizabeth, she resides in Los Angeles. Elizabeth has a single release underway, but is also currently working on a full length album for her developing band, “Tales of the Anti-Villains.”

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Photography by Efren Herrera, Jhon Cornejo, Elizabeth Deitz